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More Than a Spreadsheet

Powerful slots management, split work across your team and automate your workflow. All in one place.

Beautiful and effective slots management. Create, edit and swap multiple slots in just one click.

Simplify everyday business tasks.

Because you’d probably be a little confused if we suggested you to complicate your everyday business tasks instead.


Keep track of all your ad inventory in one place.

Your sales team can easily see what is available and what is sold out, and your operations team can easily see every day each placement that needs to be published.



Organize all of your customers and contacts in one place.

Keep track of all your customers, their contact information, and their ad history within your publications.


Reporting (coming soon)

Stay on top of things with always up-to-date reporting features.

Get a quick overview of your ad sales, revenue, and profit & loss. See how your sales team is performing and how your inventory is selling.

Reporting (coming soon)

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Loved by operators worldwide.

Managing sponsorships now takes minutes. Not hours. Discover how newsletter operators save time by using Sponsy.

    • Sponsy replaced dozens of Google Sheets for us and several sponsors have already commented on how much they appreciate our new streamlined sponsorship process.

      I can't imagine running a sponsorship-based business without it!

      Dan Ni
    • Our ad copy management was a completely manual process comprised of 7 different tools involving 4 different people. 2 hours to assemble each issue.

      With Sponsy, it now takes few minutes for one person with no errors.

      Jeremy Tangren
      Last Week in AWS
    • What I appreciate most about Sponsy is their responsiveness to user feedback and willingness to make the necessary updates to their platform. The collaborative features are top-notch and have truly transformed the way our media company works.

      I highly recommend Sponsy to any media company looking for an innovative and effective solution to their needs.

      Brian D'Erario
    • As our newsletter portfolio has grown and the revenue has become meaningful, Sponsy has helped us scale our ad sales and operations in a way that's user-friendly for my team and our advertisers.

      Keith Pepper
      Rough Draft Atlanta
    • Every couple of weeks I'd find myself saying: "Why hasn't someone built a good sponsorship manager yet???"

      When I found Sponsy I felt like shouting FINALLY!!! Has been a huge help in reducing headaches and replaced a very hacky and janky system.

      Neal O'Grady
      Demand Curve
    • I have never seen the unparallel support given by the Sponsy team with anyone else. This software is literally one of the best I have ever used along with the team.

      Bhargav Vedula
      Grit Capital

Simple pricing that scales
with your business

Everything you need to manage your ad operations as you scale up your team and publications


Tailored for single publications starting to sell some ads.

$33 / month

  • One publication
  • Unlimited slots & placements
  • CRM & Customer Portal
  • 3 automations
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You are growing your operations and want to automate and more customization.

$129 / month

  • Everything in Starter plus:
  • 10 automations
  • Email templates
  • 3 team members
  • 1 custom domain
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Multiple publications, many placements, and a big ad inventory to manage.

$299 / month

  • Everything in Growth plus:
  • 3 publications
  • Unlimited automations
  • 10 team members
  • 3 custom domains
  • API access
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Frequently asked questions

Life is full of questions. Unfortunately we can only help you answer the ones about Sponsy and sponsorship management.

    • Is there a free trial?

      Yes. Sign up for our 14-day trial without any commitment. Not convinced after the 14 days? We're happy to extend the trial period for you until you're sure that Sponsy is the right fit for your sponsorship needs.

    • Why do you want to book a demo?

      This way will give you the best chance to tailor Sponsy to your publication unique needs and be ready to go. Also, a bunch of features came from our customers' feedback and we want to build the right product for you.

    • I have a podcast. Can I use Sponsy?

      Absolutely! Sponsy works for various types of publications including podcasts, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. It streamlines sponsorship management for any type of media publication.

    • I don't have sponsors yet. Can I still use Sponsy?

      Of course! For example, you can take advantage of Sponsy to manage cross-promotions with our slot management and customer portal. Additionally, for early-stage publications, it's worth noting that we also offer a special plan. Check the next question for more details.

    • Alternatives are free. Why Sponsy?

      Sponsy offers a powerful automations builder, customer portal to collect assets, and much more, saving you and your team countless hours in time and effort, making your operation smooth and error free.

    • Can I get a discount?

      We've all been there in the starting phase where we can't afford a product. That's why we offer a free plan for early-stage publications. Apply here to our Launchpad Package to check if you qualify.

Too much hassle?
We will migrate your data.

Yep, that's right. We will ensure you will have all the data you need to manage your sponsorships in no time.