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Automate your advertiser assets reminder with Sponsy

Automate reminders for advertisers to upload assets x days before their ads go live, ensuring timely and organized campaign launches.

Oct 16, 2023

1. Create reminder automation

Each publication in Sponsy has its own set of automations, which helps to keep things clean and tidy.

Open up your publication and go to the automations page via the rocket button on the top right.

Press the button to create a new automation and define a couple of things:

  • name: we want to send a reminder x days before, so let’s opt for a simple name such as “10 days assets reminder“. It can be changed later, for now it will do the job
  • type: we want to run this automation based on time, let’s select temporal then
  • triggers: in our flow an ad slot waiting for assets has the status “Gathering assets“. If 10 days before the ad goes live the slot still has that status, we want to trigger an action (such as a reminder!)
  • actions: nice, almost there! Now we only need to define what the automation will do. Let’s send a default email to the customer's primary contact

Here’s the full automation with the above configuration:

Automated assets reminder to the advertiser

Save that, and your advertisers will be automatically notified 10 days before when assets are due 🙌

2. Personalize the automation email

Customizing automated emails sent from Sponsy it’s straightforward. We simply need to:

  • create the email template with the relevant content
  • select it in the automation

On the top navbar, select Templates:

Then, press the button to create a new template and add the relevant data in:

  • Name: give your template a great name to identify it later
  • Subject: equivalent to the email subject the recipient will see in their email client
  • Reply-to: by default email reply go back to the sending domain. If you don’t have a custom domain setup in Sponsy, make sure to specify a relevant email address here
  • Cc: equivalent to the email cc field, nice to keep your team in the loop
  • Content: this will be the body of the email. You can include any static text, but the magic is in personalizing it with variables 🪄 Get a list of variables by typing $ and pick one
  • Attachments: you can optionally add attachments such as a media kit

Here’s how the full template would look like:

Example template for gathering assets reminder

Don’t forget to save!

Nice, everything is in place. We just need one last step: connect the automation with the email template.

Go back to your automation and update the action to select the template ✨

Ta-da - you’re done! Enjoy your reminders-free life 💘

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