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Automate advertiser beehiiv metrics reporting with Sponsy

Use Sponsy to send automated emails with ad metrics from beehiiv to advertisers, ensuring they stay informed about campaign performance.

Oct 18, 2023

1. Connect beehiiv

Each publication has its integration. In order to enable the beehiiv one, go to the publication settings → integrations tab.

After clicking "Activate" you should see the beehiiv form for inputting the Publication ID and API key.

You can find Beehiiv API Key on the integrations page.

Nice to know:

  • You have to use the publication ID from API V2 and copy and paste it on the Sponsy Publication ID field
  • When creating the API Key you will not be able to see it anymore so copy and paste it to the Sponsy API Key field

2. Sync the slot metrics

Once the integration setup is done you will unlock the ability to pull data from a specific slot, this section is available in the slot metrics tab on both the sidebar and in the slot edit page.

How does it work?

  1. from the slot date we will try to match with a sent campaign on Beehiiv, if we are able to find such a campaign we will then pull all the stats available
  2. we then match Beehiivs' links with the links we have knowledge of in the slot Content tab (this includes link fields, and associated links but also links within the Ad Copy itself)
  3. with this knowledge we then calculate all those metrics and populate them for you

If you are successful in syncing the data then this data will be available within the customer portal for your customers to visualize. Below is an example of how this looks.

Metrics don't pull as you would expect? Shoot us an email!

3. Automatically send a report to the advertiser

Having the integration successfully configured unlocks a powerful automation action named “Sync slot metrics from Beehiiv”. Our goal is to sync these metrics, and then send it to the advertiser.

Let's create a custom template first, add the variables you need (press $ for a list) and save!

Then go over to your automation and create a temporal automation running x days after the slot goes live.

Then define the actions, which is going to include the sync and the report send via the template defined above.

You can then opt to send an email to yourself or directly to your advertiser based on what suits your workflow best. Potentially, you could also use reactive automation to sync and report when the status changes. You are in control!

NOTE: The sync action has to be before the email action since this is run sequentially.

Ta-da - you're done! Enjoy your reports-free life 💘

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